Water pollution prevention facilities
Water treatment facilities
Equipment for protecting pumps and valves by removing impurities that have entered together with rainwater in the inflow part of grit chamber such as sewage treatment plant, relay, drainage and rainwater pump station
  • Operates in rake circulation type
  • Can be operated in connection with the pump
  • Enables continuous treatment with several rakes
  • Unmanned auto operation system
It is a device that removes relatively big suspended materials in the sewage that comes into the sewage treatment plant as the first stage of sewage treatment. It is equipment that is required to not only prevent pollution of effluent basin and to protect pumps and machines but also to ensure smooth sewage treatment process
  • It is a continuous operation type so large amounts of impurities can be removed in a short period of time.
  • It can be used in deep water channels and there is less malfunction.
  • It can be operated manually and automatically.
  • Basket type of movable screen
  • Horizontal and arc reciprocating screen
  • Ultra-fine micro moving screen
  • Vertical multi-level screen
Filter press
It is being widely used as a representative product of pressurized filter pressed. It is arranged with interval between pins, filter cloth is inserted in between and the entire unit is pressurized for assemble and use. The advantage of a filter press is that the structure is simple and the filtration area is wide. In addition, the equipment is equipped with auto discharge function, offering high work efficiency
  • Creates perfect cake auto filter cloth cleaning, simultaneously opening and closing of filter plate
  • Advanced drying capability, less cycle time, convenient maintenance
  • Fully automatic, unmanned operation
Screw dryer
As a device that concentrates and dries sludge produced in water and sewage treatment plant, wastewater treatment plant, human excreta treatment plant and various industrial plants, it can dry not only highly concentrated sludge but also lowly concentrated sludge (3000~5000mg/l) with performance of approximately 75% of moisture content and it is an environmental equipment that has removed drying gap blockage that could occur due to adhesion of sludge during concentration and drying
  • Noise, odor, vibration, recycle water, over-consumption of power, etc.
  • Enables fully automatic, unmanned, continuous operation, maintenance and management are convenient and operation is easy
  • Affordable construction cost and facility cost with minimum installation space area
  • Can be applied to various fields such as sewage, wastewater, livestock manure, paper and deep water
Sludge collector
Circular sludge colletor
As a sedimentation facility for processes that require sedimentation in sewage and wastewater treatment plants, the lower scraper rotates around the center of the circular sedimentation basin and collects sludge with the central hopper.
  • Creates perfect cake auto filter cloth cleaning, simultaneously opening and closing of filter plate
  • Advanced drying capability, less cycle time, convenient maintenance
  • Fully automatic, unmanned operation
  • Excellent collection capability
  • Low operation torque
  • If the floor finishing is not precise, it damages the collector
  • Balance must be accurate
  • No restriction in jaw size
  • Mechanical device is simple (Bearing device is relatively less)
  • Even if the precision of floor finishing is slightly less, the mechanical damage is less
  • Precision of parallel status is less required
Underwater cart type of sludge collector
Underwater cart type of sludge collector is a machine that removes impurities by depositing turbid substance in incoming water of water purification plant and sewage treatment plant. In particular, it can perfectly move the sludge that has settled at the bottom of the settling tank to the discharge outlet using front and rear scrapper
  • Suitable for removal large amount of lowly concentrated sludge through suction
  • Doesn’t disturb the area around the water surface so the effluent is clean
  • The main part of the device is at the top, enabling convenient maintenance and inspection
  • Suitable for settling tank with long water channel
Fiber filter
Structure that filters with pressure filtration or 30cm water level difference by compressing the non-woven fine fiber yarn media wrapping perforated pipe and by making the pores smaller
  • Non-woven fiber filter media with fixed bottom
  • Compressed fiber in zig-zag type for filtration
  • Intense increasing water current caused by backwash air spray upon fiber relaxation
  • Gravitational fiber filter that backwashes with shearing force
  • Filter and backwash pump are nto required