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Air pollution prevention facilities
Dust transfer facilities
  • Most generally used among conveyors
  • Can load, unload and transfer at arbitrary location in horizontal or steep places
  • Requires less installation cost and a lot of transfers can be made quickly
  • Various purposes of transported goods such as coal, cement, coke, box, bag, electronic parts, sand and pebble
  • Doesn’t affect the transfer of chips at all caused by interference of flow
  • User can easily adjust the speed
  • Anyone can operate with simple button operations
  • High speed chain or belt type
  • Suitable for transporting various powders such as cement, fertilizer and crop
  • Various transfers can be made from small capacity to large capacity
  • Compact and economic - Simple structure and hardly any malfunctions
  • Comprehensive application scope – Transports various types of objects and can be used as mixer or stirrer
  • Dustproof and waterproof structure – Enclosed type, preventing deviation and scattering of transported goods
  • Simple installation and maintenance
  • Enables consistent transportation volume
  • Inlet and outlet can be installed arbitrarily
  • It is usually installed at the bottom of the dust collector and it is a device that continuously transports powder and slag using chain and attachment in an enclosed space
  • Conveyor’s chain and attachment types are selected by considering the characteristics, angle, etc. of the transported object